Unfortunately, there's no quick and simple one-size-fits-all solution to the problem some people have faced, being redirected to the NES login pages at home.

Try these steps, in order:


1. Remove your old school account

1. Click on the start menu

2. Click on the settings cog and choose accounts

3. Click 'Access work or school'

4. If an account is visible that includes your NES email address, click remove

5. Add your new work account by clicking on the +

2. Download and run CCleaner

CCleaner is a computer management tool, it will delete unnecessary files and browsing histories. 

Read this before proceeding:

You will lose any passwords saved in Edge / Chrome etc. Consider signing up to a password manager (such as LastPass) and saving your passwords in it, before continuing.

1. Click here to go to the download page for the free version: CCleaner Download 

2. Allow the file to download

3. Install the application

4. Open CCleaner and select Custom Clean

5. CCleaner gives you a range of options for what to clean - you will need to tick (on top of the ones already ticked):

    From Windows

        - For all browsers (Edge / Internet Explorer):

            - Saved Passwords

            - Saved Form Information

            - Session

    From Applications

        - For all browsers (Chrome / Firefox):

            - Saved Passwords

            - Saved Form Information

            - Session

        - Under the subheading Applications

            - tick all versions of Office

6. Click Run Cleaner


3. Clear cached credentials

1. Click on the start menu and click on the settings cog

2. Click Accounts

3. Select Credential Manager

4. Go to Manage Windows Credentials

5. Under Generic Credentials, find all Microsoft Office credentials, then remove any that mention NES.